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Versys Insecticide



For rapid and targeted control of aphids, whitefly and mealybug in ornamentals and nursery stock

Mode of action: Group 9D insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 100 g/L Afidopyropen
Formulation: Dispersible concentrate (DC)

Versys® Insecticide is a pioneering solution from BASF that provides effective control of aphids, whitefly and mealybug in ornamentals and nursery stock plants. Versys offers a unique mode of action subgroup (9D) with no known cross-resistance to other insecticides. With the recent label extension adding whitefly and mealybug species, Versys Insecticide provides growers with class leading control of key pests, with the added benefit of long-term resistance management. Versys affects all life stages from eggs to adults. It exhibits a favourable environmental profile with low acute toxicity to mammals, fish, birds, beneficial insects and pollinators. Versys delivers long lasting control of problem pests, resulting in clean plants of exceptional quality, whilst also providing the convenience of no withholding periods when used in ornamentals and nursery stock.

Key benefits

  • Fast acting with long residual control disrupting the sensory response of target pests
  • Low impact to beneficials including colony health and development 
  • Compatible in IPM programs with a unique MOA subgroup
  • Affected aphids stop feeding within a few minutes preventing the transmission of viruses and diseases spread by these insects

How to use

Versys Insecticide disrupts insect behaviour and feeding and will provide slow knockdown. Versys Insecticide will provide residual control of aphids out to 21 days. Apply a maximum of 2 sprays before rotating to an alternative insecticide for aphid control. Do not apply more than 4 applications per crop. Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of the target crop.

Product suitability

  • Ornamentals

    Cabbage aphid
    Cotton aphid / Melon aphid
    Currant lettuce aphid
    Green peach aphid
    Rose aphid