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Stomp® Xtra


The cleaner pre-emergence weed control solution

Mode of action: Group D herbicide
Active ingredient(s): 455 g/L Pendimethalin
Formulation: Capsule suspension (CS)

Turf managers appreciate the power of pendamethalin to control key weeds – but don’t appreciate the yellow staining that used to be an inevitable drawback of using it.

Stomp® Xtra uses micro-encapsulation to dramatically reduce staining and the loss of active ingredient through volatilisation between application and incorporation. Add in a higher concentration of the active ingredient, and it's a more convenient and efficient formulation all round.

Key benefits

  • Pre-emergent control of fat hen, pigweed, wireweed, awnless barnyard grass, annualryegrass and other problem grass and broadleaf weed species in specifi c crops
  • Micro-encapsulation greatly reduces the risk of staining compared to standard pendimethalin formulations
  • Low volatility allows long incorporation windows for surface application compared to non encapsulated formulations
  • Concentrated formulation reduces application rates and simplifies transport, storage and handling

How it works

Stomp® Xtra Herbicide is a selective pre-emergent herbicide for the control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds. Stomp Xtra controls weeds by inhibiting seedling development; it will not control established weeds. For best results, seedbeds should be free of weeds, trash and clods at the time of application.

Crop injury may result if cold, wet weather follows planting or if Stomp Xtra is applied to a poorly prepared seedbed. With the return of favourable growing conditions (warm weather), the crop will usually recover and resume normal growth. Its low solubility means Stomp Xtra will not move significantly following heavy rainfall or in irrigated systems.

Downloadable resources

Crop suitability

  • Turf

    Crowsfoot grass / crabgrass
    Summer grass
    Winter grass