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Serifel® Biological Fungicide By BASF - Australia Packshot


Biological Fungicide

Battling resistance with biologicals

Mode of action: Group 44 fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 110g/kg (>5.5 x 1010 CFU/g) Bacillus amyloliquifaciens strain MBI600

With sustainability at the forefront of grower and nurserymans’ minds, Serifel offers growers a ground-breaking biological alternative to traditional chemical modes of action. Its high loading of pure spores, Bacillus amyloliquifaciens strain MBI600, allows low application rates while guaranteeing low environmental impact and toxicity.

Key benefits

  • Unique modes of action
  • Low environmental impact and toxicity
  • Lower spray rate compared to other biologicals
  • No cross-resistance between Serifel and conventional chemical fungicides
  • Compatible with Velifer® Biological Insecticide

How to use

Apply preventatively, prior to an infection period and development of disease only. Use higher rate when high disease pressure is expected. Continue applications on a 3–14-day interval as required. DO NOT apply more than 10 applications per crop. Serifel is best applied as part of an integrated disease management program.
Foliar application
Apply using ground-based spray equipment in an adequate spray volume to ensure thorough coverage of all plant surfaces.
Soil drench
Apply soil drench using calibrated drenching equipment to thoroughly soak.

Crop suitability

  • Nursery plants

    Cercospora leaf spot
    Downy mildew
    Grey mould
    Powdery mildew
    Rhizoctonia root rot